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The Multiuse Emergency Light

The Overview

In the unfortunate event that you have a faulty headlight, tail light or you simply run into a roadside emergency, this light will increase vision, and maintain visual awareness among other vehicles.



With one energy efficient Cree lightbulb, three expandable straps, and a Rare Earth ox-magnet, MOONRAYY is dependable and easy to install.



These kinds of cases are all too familiar. They can result in a ticket, further damages, fines, or even a harmful accident. Reoccurring matters happening to drivers everyday!



  • Our Biggest Perk

    MOONRAYY has multiple uses. Use this light for all roadside obstacles.

  • Strong Battery Life

    Battery life will last up to more than 6 hours in high, 8 hours in medium, 10 hours in low. The 2 battery are 18650 lithium ion that have a real 2200 mah and 3.7 to 4.2 v and have a circuit board protection incorporated to give more life to each battery. You can re charge up to 1000 times.

  • Brightness

    Moonrayy have 5 different illumination levels: High, Medium, Low, Hazzard and S.O.S.

  • Easy Installation

    With 3 elastic straps with stainless steel hooks for the headlight, a magnetic base for the taillight you re ready for quick installation.

  • Magnetic Base

    Place Moonrayy near or along side your broken light if you have a metal hood or taillight with red light or on any metal surface where you need illumination.

  • Weather Proof

    The light have an international rating of I P 65 means that can be expose to torrencial rain.


The exterior lights on my car are fine, why would I need this?

MOONRAYY comes in handy for any roadside emergency after sundown. Changing a flat tire, engine maintenance, signal for help, a substitute for a flare, searching through the trunk, checking for exterior damage, an additional hazard light, and many more!

Is there a Patent on this light?

Yes, MOONRAYY is patent pending.

Is it a real hazard if I don't have this light?

Driving with one light is a liability. Other drivers need to appropriately gauge the size and shape of your car. It is also against the law.

Does this light work in inclement weather such as rain or snow?

Yes - The Moonrayy light has an international protection rating of 65. Protection from harmful dust and rain splashing.

What is MOONRAYY light made from?

MOONRAYY has an Aluminum shell and a rubber harness to protect the magnet from scratching the metal base of your vehicle.

How many lumens is the Moonrayy light.

The Moonrayy light carries three different levels of illumination. On High: 350 lumens. On Medium: 170 lumens. On Low: 100 lumens.